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Breeding for the 2024 kidding season began the middle of November 2023. Kids arrived early April 2024!

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Our Herd


Duchess, 2018 Doe (not for sale)

Duchess is curious and strong-willed, but she will do anything for a treat. A five-time mother that always does a great job raising her kids. Breeding TBD. She's our tallest (of these very short goats) which makes her a little easier to milk.

Agate, 2021 Doe (not for sale)

Agate is a sweetheart. She loves human cuddles. Size-wise she's tall like her mother and is an easy milker. She was born 5/4/2021 to Duchess (along with her brother Jasper, who was sold). This will be her third kidding. She is always a wonderful mother and has an easy time birthing her kids. Her father is Buckles, our buck. She gets her thick coat and color from him.


Buckles, 2020 Buck (not for sale)

Buckles is our buck, purchased from Andy's Acres. This sweet guy, born in March 2020, brings strong dairy lines, a truly great personality, and a lot of cute antics. We've retained two of his daughters. Both have inherited his thick coat, which is great for our harsh winters. They've also inherited his strong dairy lines and personality. Love this boy.

Father: Cabochon XY Prosecco

Mother: Andy's Acres Sassy

Duke, 2018 Wether (not for sale)

Duke is our companion animal, an all-around good buddy to anyone in the herd. He's easy-going and will (reluctantly) share his food.


Platinum, 2021 (not for sale)

Platinum (white & black) is our second intact buck. He joined our farm in the late summer of 2022. He's slightly smaller in stature than Buckles, but has good genetics and is a very happy and energetic boy. He was bred with Agate and Mojo to keep our herd diverse.

Mojo Jojo, 2022 Doe (not for sale)

We decided to retain Mojo for a handful of reasons. The biggest reason was her mother's milk production combined with her dad's personality. We bred her with our new buck, Platinum, and were thrilled that she's turned out to be an excellent mother and great milk producer!

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