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Goat, whoops, I mean Goal Oriented Homestead Planner

While my personal planner might be GOAT oriented, that is not what I meant to type for the title, and yet I can't erase it...

I was inspired to design this planner because I LOVE LISTS. I love making them and checking them off. I love that feeling of accomplishment and productivity. However, every planner I've ever used, I end up not utilizing fully because it was either a pain to use and/or it was full of junk I didn't need. Also, the decent ones are expensive!

I wanted something simple that kept the utmost important stuff front and center - no filler! Also, I wanted something that was clean and durable that I could doodle all over and make my own. Something that looked well used and loved at the end of each month.

I think more than anything though, I wanted a planner that made me not only think about my BIG GOALS for the year, it also made me track everything I felt was an accomplishment. It's so easy to get caught up in the day-to-day, that I forget to celebrate the small stuff. I think we can agree, this past year especially, it's important to celebrate the small stuff. Also, what may seem small now, written down over an entire year, would add up to a vast amount. Imagine reviewing that list at the end of the year. It would fill your heart with all the warm fuzzies and likely inspire you to do more. Who knew you were so amazing?!

A couple of things about this planner if you decided to purchase it: You're buying a digital design. You will get a link to download it and then you will need to print it yourself at home, on your own paper. You will also need to cut certain pages on their dashed lines, use a 3 ring hole punch, and throw it all together in a binder of your choice. If you're like me, you have all of these items at home and can carve out a little time to do it (or perhaps bribe a friend or family member to do it for you). If you can't cut a straight line - find a friend who can OR find one of those industrial paper cutters. If you mess up, guess what, no worries, you can just print a new page!

Other pros of this design, print it however many times you want. It's yours. It will work for every month, every year, etc. as it's not dated.

Need it customized just for you? I'm more than happy to do a custom design. Cost based on time/amount of changes. Just send me a message and we can talk details.

What you will get in this digital download:

  1. Day Page

  2. Week Page

  3. Month Page

  4. Year Page

  5. Achievements Log Page

  6. 2 Tab Templates

What you will need and may already have on hand:

The links above are paid links, however, they are the exact tools we use and recommend. You could go with a lighter weight paper, just depends on how durable you want/need.

*Note: The heavier the paper the bigger the binder you'll need!!


As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.


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