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Instapot "Recipe" that uses 12 Eggs!

There probably aren't a lot of people out there in need of a recipe that uses a full dozen of eggs, but for those small few, this is a highly editable/versatile "recipe". (I make no claims to being a great cook.)

When you own 30 chickens you occasionally need a recipe that makes quick use of a lot of eggs. We sell most of our eggs, but every so often, usually in the spring, we find ourselves with an overabundance and I HATE food waste. I am a lifelong member of the clean plate club. The lack of food waste is part of our pledge. When you're sworn in, if I remember correctly, you chant something like "never need to scrap a dish, even if it might be fish..." "Be a mate, lick your plate..." Etc.

So of course, the idea of throwing eggs out, even if it's into the compost pile, is unthinkable. Sure it happens. Sometimes we collect a cracked egg, or find one under the nest box and are unsure of its age. The great thing about these eggs, which I call "Peggs" (Pig Eggs) is that they often get to go to our friends' pigs, and are then, of course, turned into bacon!!

The easiest way we make 12 eggs disappear, without the help of a pig, is an Instant Pot Frittata! Here's what we use, including the original cookbook that I highly recommend. However, if you're well versed in instant pot (or instapot?) and don't need another cookbook, here's my quick version.

12 Egg Frittata Ingredients:

  • 12 Eggs

  • 1/2 milk

  • 2 cups greens (kale, spinach, lambsquarter, or similar greens)

  • Roasted red peppers, Pesto, Sundried tomato, or another favorite flavor profile (drain any excess liquid if you're using jarred peppers or sundried tomatoes, which are often in water or oil).

  • 1 cup crumbled goat cheese (or other cheese)

  • 3/4 tsp of Salt (amount of salt will vary depending on your other ingredients)

  • Optional: cooked sausage, cooked bacon, ham, chunks of cooked sweet potato, or another type of cooked potato


You can half this recipe, just decrease the pressure cooking time by about 10 minutes or more. You may need to experiment with the timing.

I've also mixed in a handful of chopped, cooked winter squash, which was really good!

The key to adding meat or veggies like potatoes or squash is to use leftovers from yesterday's meal so that you can throw it all together in a matter of minutes. Quick easy, utilize whatever you have. It's kind of like our "Garbage" pizza night at the end of the week. I make a homemade crust, top with homegrown tomato sauce, a variety of leftovers (everything from curry to tacos to mashed potatoes) sprinkle on some good mozzarella, and bake. I've yet to make a bad garbage pizza - no my kids don't eat this, lol. They're pepperoni puritans. Sigh.


  1. Beat the eggs together in a bowl.

  2. Chop up your other ingredients if they're not already and mix them into the eggs.

  3. Add salt and/or other spices depending on your preferences. For a full 12 egg recipe, I use approx 3/4 tsp of salt. If you add highly salted meat like ham, you could decrease this amount.

  4. Lightly butter a heatproof 7 cup container that's safe to use in your instant pot and pour your egg mixture into it. (I use a hand-me-down Corningware dish (seen in top photo). It hasn't exploded yet.

  5. Cover your container tightly with aluminum foil.

  6. Pour 2 cups of water into your Instant Pot pot and place a steam rack inside.

  7. Place your covered frittata in its container in the instant pot on the steam rack.

  8. Close the instant pot securely and set the pressure release to Sealing.

  9. Pressure cook for approx 30 minutes, when the cooking program ends, let it naturally release for 10 minutes.

  10. Open the instant pot, check that the frittata is done. It shouldn't be jiggly in the middle. If it is, you may need to cook it a little longer. I found the timing on the original recipe for this to be too short, but we have the larger instant pot, so perhaps that affects the timing? (This is why I put "recipe" in quotes above... I'm not a test kitchen.)

If I need a quick breakfast for myself for the week, I'll throw together a 6 to 7 egg version of this recipe, cook it, cool it, and throw it in the fridge. In the morning I just warm up a piece. It's a really quick way to get some veggies into my day and goes well with coffee, toast, and jam, aka my everyday "farmer breakfast".

The Equipment:

  • This is the instant pot we use: 8 Quart Instant Pot (paid link)

  • The cookbook that I recommend, which has a variation of this recipe that inspired my original Insta-frittata: The Ultimate Instant Pot Cookbook (paid link)

  • And the instant pot accessories, specifically the steam rack that I use all the time: Instant Pot Accessories (paid link) Bonus, this rack can hold 7 eggs if you want to make pressure-cooked hardboiled eggs! WHICH REMINDS ME, if you've ever tried to hardboil fresh eggs, you know peeling the shell off cleanly is impossible. Pressure cook them, the shells nearly fall off by themselves.


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