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Plant some CEEDs! #plantsomeceeds

Just a quick post today about our new line of Eco-Friendly T-shirts: "Plant some CEEDs!" Every business, even a small budding farmstead like ours, should have a mission statement. It's helpful for at least two reasons.

1. It lets our customers in on our deepest most secret thoughts. Just kidding, or am I... Ok, the secret part is definitely wrong. But a mission statement is like your deepest, most well-summarized thoughts about what you want your company to do/be/create. This should be something you share proudly.

2. It keeps us focused and reminds us of that big overall long-term goal, especially on the days we're just trying to keep our heads above water.

So, what does "Plant some CEEDs" mean?

It's our mission statement. Surprise! The full statement is "Plant some CEEDs! Support your Community, Environment, Economy, and Diversity." I could probably write a novel on what that means to me. Simply put, I want to live in a way that supports my local community, the environment we live in, our local economy, and our diverse lives, cultures, backgrounds, etc. It would be overwhelming to try and solve the world's problems, but we can take small steps every day to do better locally.

So, come planting some CEEDs with us! Shop local, seek out those farmers' markets and small businesses. The 3 R's are still COOL: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. Welcome a new neighbor. Plant some real seeds. Pick up litter. Volunteer some of your time/skills, etc.

Share more ideas with us by using #plantsomeceeds


FAQ: Why sell T-Shirts?

I have a weird assortment of skills. I could bake you a loaf of bread, milk a goat, talk to you at great length about chicken breeds (and goats, and gardening for that matter). I could also paint you a very brightly colored, but sort of cartoonish painting of a bird... I could make soap for you, for your head to your toes, to your dishes. I could sew you an apron, change your tires, build you a shed. I could french braid your hair. These skills alone don't bring in a steady income. As an aspiring sustainable full-time homesteader, I have to use every skill I have and continue to learn more, in order to have a diverse income, aka a stable income.

So long story short, I sell t-shirts (and totes, mugs, someday hats?) because designing is one of my skills. And bonus, it's one I enjoy. That there is the key to sustainability. Not only does it need to work for the long-haul, but it also has to be something you enjoy. Otherwise, it will be a constant battle of will!


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