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Should we purchase a washing machine

I actually really like laundromats. They remind me of summer when we used to go into this little town in Northern Minnesota to do our laundry after being out on canoe trips. It always smelled so good. The sounds of the machines and the water swishing back and forth was somehow calming. And the treat from the vending machine didn't hurt the experience. Today's laundromat it bright, warm, and has that same smell and sound, though today's treat is finding a huge stack of old Mother Earth News magazines on the little table by the door. It's been a busy morning already. The last day of vacation, fed the animals, brought our oldest child to basketball practice, ran some errands while our one huge load spun in the “Giant Load Commercial Washer”. I love getting all our laundry done at once. Though I do miss the convenience of doing laundry at home. Just like everything out here in the country, it just takes a little added planning.

Best Laundromat Around
Best Laundromat Around


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