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Goats for Sale!

Spring of 2024 Goat Kids for Sale!

We have 7 beautiful kids for sale this year: 4 doelings, 3 bucklings. The first set of triplets will be weaned by the end of June and ready for their new homes. (perfect timing for showing at the fair!)

The second set of triplets will be ready the first week of July, and our final "surprise" baby, will be ready mid-July.

If you're interested in an intact male contact me ASAP. All three of our boys would be GREAT herd sires! They have great dairy lines, all are super healthy and high energy. Otherwise, they will be sold as wethers after banding (at around 10 weeks old).

Intact bucklings and doelings are each $350. Wethers are $100. All our goats are purebred and all will be registered before selling (except for wethers, as they can't produce kids).

They have all been disbudded and vaccinated for CD&T. They've been raised by their mothers but are super friendly.

Any questions or interest please contact us!

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